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2-PK Pain Relief Patch Set (10 Patches/pk) 5.9" x 4.7"

2-PK Pain Relief Patch Set (10 Patches/pk) 5.9" x 4.7"


LONG-LASTING: For penetrating, mess-free & targeted relief, apply patch to manage pain in specific areas. Herbal Patch pain relief for up to 8 hours.
HERBAL: Special Chinese herb medicine ingredients that is easing to the skin. Breathable Patch to avoid damage to muscle or skin.
PATCHING: Combination of a variety of herbal essence with highly breathable non-woven fabrics, high stretchability, high breathability and good adhesion, not easy to fall off, easy to remove.
PAIN RELIEVING PATCH: Effective for large pain areas. Comfortable & convenient patches to relive muscle soreness and pain.
TARGETED RELIEF: Provides temporary relief of pain associated with sore back, neck, wrist, ankle, hip, shoulder, knee & elbow. Help alleviate muscle soreness, backache, joint pain & sprains.


Long-lasting fast pain relief patch. Famous EtiauGone Chinese herb medicine signature ingredients. Mild and effective compared to other leading patches.
Keeps the contact area cool, ventilated, and comfortable. Easy to patch.
Specially formulated with a root EtiauGone extract that had been used in decades. Daguxiao extract. Marjoram essential oil. Angelica essential oil. Juniper essential oil. Menthol. A water-soluble polymer base that is gentle on your skin for an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
Suitable for the application of bruises and bumps, joint and muscle injuries, promote blood circulation, and pain in fingers, palms, wrists, shoulder, ankles, feet, and back.
INSTRUCTION: Apply to the af+H302:H316fected area twice a day. Give an appropriate increment or cropped size according to the desired application. Remove the seal and apply the patch to the affected area. Please wash and wipe the affected area before use to increase adhesiveness and efficiency of contact.
1. Do not apply when the skin is wounded.
2. Children must use under the supervision of adults.
3. Children under two years of age should consult a physician.
4. Pregnant women are prohibited from using the patch.
5. Each patch can not be applied for more than 8 hours at a time. Once a day.
Packaging: contains 8 patches per pack
Size: approx 5.9"" x 4.7"" (15cm x 12cm)

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